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Your continued support for and involvement with The Rocky Mountain Warm Hands Initiative is the reason we can do what we do! Thank you for your generous gift which enables us to continue our mission! You can now shop limited-edition products on our 'Shop' Page!

If you are a business or agency looking to support the Rocky Mountain Warm Hands Initiative, check out our 'Current Needs' page here.


What Can a $25 Donation Do?

A $25 gift would cover a season tune-up for our trailers, saws, or splitter. 


What Can a $75 Donation Do?

A $75 gift would cover a full tank of fuel in our fleet vehicle to harvest and deliver firewood.


What Can a $500 Donation Do?

A $500 gift would completely pay for the expenses that it would take to get a single household the firewood supply needed for the winter season.


What Can a $1000 Donation Do?

A $1000 gift would provide new equipment such as an additional saw or a trailer upgrade to maximize delivery capacity.

All donations, no matter the amount, help further the mission!

Donate Financially

Every generous monetary gift from our donors and sponsors goes 100% into getting more households a sustainable amount of firewood to stay warm. You can rest assured that your money is contributing to much needed efforts for our community! 

A donation receipt will be issued via email.

Lumberjack Cutting Wood

Donate Resources

Our mission is to provide firewood to as many individuals in need as possible. In an ideal world, that means fulfilling every application in its entirety. This can be done through your support in means such as firewood donations, equipment donations, as well as volunteering your time. Your donation may even qualify for a tax-deduction. Reach out to learn more!

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