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Our efforts

       Our diverse population is what makes the front range and foothills of Colorado great! The close-knit community and acts of kindness we witness on a daily basis is what originally influenced the idea of giving back. 

       Heat assistance is available through many utility providers for the cities of Denver and Boulder, but many families who facilitate their home heat through fireplaces and wood stoves are left in a vulnerable place. Rising wood and labor costs can price out the option for some to buy. The equipment and hard labor involved with preparing your own wood is also not an option for many. We aim to provide our amazing community with the firewood needed to avoid these stressors and barriers. 

       The Rocky Mountain Warm Hands Initiative was founded for the sole purpose of making sure there are no cold homes during our toughest winter months. 100% of funding and donated efforts go towards assisting those in need. 


The Rocky Mountain Warm Hands Initiative is a non-profit organization that was established in 2023 by the Salrin family. 

       Rachel and Dylan Salrin moved to Colorado in 2020 and instantly fell in love with the communities within the mountains. They settled into a cottage west of Boulder, CO and found a need for neighbors regarding their firewood supply to get through the winters. Often, individuals stepped up to source these families in need. Dylan formed the Rocky Mountain Warm Hands Initiative to centralize efforts and expand the network to all households within the area to get access to assistance. 

"There is no greater privilege in the world for us than giving back to the very same communities that welcomed us with open arms years ago."

                - Dylan Salrin


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