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Keep in mind

This is a service provided to the public. We currently do not require income verification, nor pre-requisites. We only ask that applications are limited to those in need.

We are all one community!

Complete the application for our firewood assistance program! 

Please note: We are currently able to provide firewood to the immediate foothills and front range communities outside of Denver and Boulder, CO. Supplies and amounts cannot be guaranteed and are subject to volume.


We're here to help! A recently established partnership with Canyon Cares has allowed us to open our application YEAR-ROUND to those within the Coal Creek Canyon Region!


We will be able to approve 2024-2025 applicants outside of Coal Creek Canyon during our typical open application period starting April 2024. 

A submission is not a guarantee of delivery. Distributions are subject to applicant approval and quantity available. 

Rocky Mountain Warm Hands Initiative will never ask any applicant for payment for services provided, regardless of the circumstances surrounding application.

For General Questions or Comments, Click Here.

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