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Helping our planet   = Helping our community.

Did you know, too many trees can be a bad thing for our forests? Overgrown forests allow for fires to jump and spread uncontrollably. 

Fire mitigation is a series of steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of wildfires consuming property. This includes managing the spacing between trees.

These images are from the 2000 Walker Ranch fire, right in the backyard of where we operate and store our lumber. 


How we help

Rocky Mountain Warm Hands Initiative acts as a bridge between these mitigation efforts and our mountain communities. We partner with many government action departments and private businesses that utilize sustainable forestry practices to help lessen the dangers of wildfires in our parks and homes.

None of the wood harvested and processed by Rocky Mountain Warm Hands Initiative is taken from vulnerable forestry regions nor from protected lands. 

It's truly a win-win scenario for our mountain community as well as the beautiful land around us!

Previous CU Boulder studies have looked at individual fire sites, including the site of the 2000 Walker Ranch fire in Boulder County, and found that forests recovered slowly or not at all. Even 15 years post-fire, as many as 80% of the plots the researchers surveyed still contained no new trees.

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